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Two Fords in Top Ten Coolest Cars Under $25k

Say goodbye to the days where it costs an arm and a leg to ride around in a cool car. Kelley Blue Book (KBB) recently reported both the 2013 Mustang and the 2013 Focus ST as two of the top ten coolest cars you can buy for under $25,000.

2013 MustangRegarding the Mustang, KBB notes: “Even in V6 form, the seminal American pony car remains a highly desirable travelmate. Bolder front and rear fascias add even more visual kick for 2013, while an optional V6 Performance Package lets you take full advantage of the 305 spirited horses underhood.”

Our customers seem to agree, and so do we. With a formidable body style and powerful engine, the 2013 Mustang delivers the high-performance American muscle you expect without the hefty price tag. Check out what Road & Track Magazine has to say about the 2013 Mustang.

KBB also lists the Focus ST among the top ten stating. Again, this comes as no surprise as the Focus ST offers a lot of bang for your buck. With a extensive range of features available, the Focus ST is one of the coolest sub-$25k cars available. Here’s a few of the things that we think make it cool without the cost.2013 Focus ST

  • 2.0L EcoBoost engine with 252 horsepower and 270 ft.-lb. of torque
  • Standard with 18-inch aluminum wheels, chin and rear spoilers, push-button start, and 6-speaker audio system with SYNC and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Unique ST sport suspension and independent rear suspension

With standard features like these, it’s no wonder that Kelley Blue Book ranks two Ford models, the 2013 Mustang and 2013 Focus ST, as two of the coolest cars under $25,000. Find the Mustang, Focus ST, and other cool Ford models by visiting us at www.ReedHasIt.com!

Ford Mustang II the “Unsung Hero”

mustang dallasFord Motor Company has been successful in creating a unique culture and following around the famous Mustang.  Throughout the years the Mustang has been through numerous changes both inside and out with various reactions to different models.  Ford calls the Mustang II an “Unsung Hero.” The new 1974 design that some may say helped marked the end of the muscle-car glory days was actually a big seller.

While not the most popular of all the ‘Stangs; 40 years later, Ford is celebrating the ’70s version of this American Icon.  The 1974 design was a drastic change from the previous models. It was smaller, economic and a complete deviation from its well-known, hotrod roots.

Weighing in at 500 pounds less than it’s predecessor and 19 inches shorter, the trimmed down version was actually a return the svelte roots of the original 1964-1966 models. The 1973 model had grown large and heavy to some earlier Mustang enthusiast.

Regardless of what people think of this car of yesteryear, the numbers speak volumes. Per a Wall Street Journal article, it outsold other Mustang models and kept the nameplate alive until it could be revived in the 1980s.

What do you think of this ‘Stang of days gone by? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.  To shop online for a new or pre-owned Ford Mustang, visit www.ReedHasIt.com!

Read the full Wall Street Journal story: http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2013/09/24/ford-touts-unloved-1974-mustang-ii-as-unsung-hero/