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Ford R&D Sees New Technology

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Dan Orr, Digital Build Master at Ford, manipulates a virtual flashlight using the Oculus system.

The team at ReedHasIt is quite impressed with the forward strides in ford R&D. Wearable tech, including products like Google Glass or the countless number bluetooth-enabled smartwatches and wristbands, have become increasingly popular over the couple of years. Facebook has taken notice of this with their recent $2 billion purchase of Oculus Virtual Reality, a company that has created a unique virtual reality headset system. With the continued growth of these technologies, Ford aims to maintain it’s reputation as an industry innovator by utilizing Oculus Rift, the company’s VR product, in their research and development strategies.

As one of the first automobile companies to do so, Ford hopes their adoption of the Rift into their R&D process will allow them to obtain a more comprehensive look at how consumers view their vehicles. VR will allow Ford to see what consumer’s are seeing before production of the vehicle actually begins. Take a look at Ford’s application of VR below!

At the Ford Immersion Lab, Ford design teams congregate to simultaneously experience the virtual walkthrough powered by the Oculus Rift. As one staffer sports the Rift headset and explores the inside and outside of various Ford models, their colleagues can view an ultra-high resolution feed of what the wearer is seeing. This innovative application of VR enables the design and engineering teams to examine fine details of the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

As the wearer investigates the vehicle, data is simultaneously integrated back into the team’s design software. This allows for seamless and efficient adjustments to be made wherever the team deems necessary. With over 190 virtual vehicles studied last year, efficient and streamlined processes associated with Ford’s Rift usage are vital in keeping the design team ahead of the game.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 11.23.11 AMElizabeth Baron, VR and advanced visualization tech specialist at Ford, is excited, yet cautious, about the future of VR technology in automobile production. “Let’s be honest, the virtual reality community in business is still pretty small,” she says. “But I always enjoy engaging with people in other industries, everything ranging from agriculture to defense, so we can share ideas about how we use the technology and what the future holds.”

As an industry tech leader, Ford is at the forefront of utilizing virtual reality technology in their business model. For more info on other Ford tech features, like SYNC, browse out extensive inventory at www.ReedHasIt.com!

Ford Reveals Everest Concept at Bangkok Motor Show

Ford Everest debuts at the 35th Bangkok Motorshow

Ford Everest debuts at the 35th Bangkok International                                         Motor Show

Who doesn’t love seeing the innovative rides that come from the car shows around the world?  Ford is providing fans of innovative rides with a reason to be excited by debuting the Everest Concept. As the latest proof point in Ford’s strategy to bring a full range of segment-leading global vehicles to consumers in ASEAN, the Everest will be showcased at the 35th Bangkok International Motor Show.

The Bangkok International Motor Show coincides with the ASEAN launch of two new vehicles: the newly redesigned Ford Fiesta, which is now equipped with Ford’s global 1.5L Ti-VCT engine, and the new EcoSport, which is a versatile, fuel efficient urban SUV that is designed to complement every consumer’s busy lifestyle.Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 11.08.43 AM

The Fiesta and EcoSport are just two of 18 vehicles that visitors will see at Ford’s display. Ford is providing a range of interactive displays at the Bangkok Motor Show to help visitors better understand Ford’s smart and green technologies.

MySync_sms_424x318Visitors will also have the opportunity to try out SYNC for themselves using a sample instrument panel unit, and can step inside any of the vehicles on the stand to receive a demonstration of SYNC in their favorite Ford.

While the Everest isn’t in production yet, Ford has an extensive line of existing vehicles that meet a wide range of needs and wants. If you’re ready to check out the latest available from Ford, shop online from anywhere in the country at www.ReedHasIt.com!